Domestic Applications

Domestic Applications:

 Due to the adverse weather we are recently experiencing, “conservatory ceiling insulation”, “condensing boiler drain line heating kits” and “driveway and paving heating systems” are becoming increasingly popular within households around the UK.


Condensing Boiler Drain Heating Kits:

During the cold winter months many people experience frozen condensate drain lines which can cause the boiler to shut down, leading to no hot water or heating.

To avoid this, SHS offer cost effective and reliable solution.

Our drain line heater kits are relatively simple to install and come supplied with clear instructions and diagrams which could save you from uncomfortable winter days/nights and expensive engineers call out and repair bills.


Driveway and Paving Heating:

One of our most popular services offered is driveway and path heating systems.

For you and your family’s personal safety during winter, it is important to keep your access ways clear of ice and snow.

Installing an effective heating system under any access, drastically reduces the possibility of injury due to slips and falls.

Additionally, it is equally important to have these heating systems installed in your driveaway to decrease the possibility of crashes and damages to your vehicle when the ground may be icy and more difficult to drive on.


Peace of Mind:

Before invite people into your home or commit to any domestic works, is very important that you seek out a professional company.

SHS was founded in 1997 and we pride ourselves in our outstanding services and highly trained engineers and staff members who work towards always providing the best and cost effective solutions.

We carefully select our staff and give them the best training possible in the installation of conservatory ceiling insulation, condensing boiler drain line heating kits and driveway/path heating systems.

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Domestic Applications

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