Condensing Boiler Drain Heating Kits

Don’t Wait for a Frozen Condensate Drain to Shut Down Your Boiler This Winter.


During the past winters, numerous gas conversating boilers installed in social and private housing have inadvertently shut down due to frozen condensate lines.

This obviously leads to lack of hot water and heating o the tenant/owner but also expensive call out repairs’ costs.

However, there is a simple solution!

Prevention is better than a cure:

The condensate drains line heater, manufactured by SHS, has been installed and tested with gas condensing boilers within the housing association properties through-out the UK, keeping them working and free from trouble.

Installation of our condensate heating kit will take from 20 minutes to fit and will protect your condensate boiler drain line through the harshest of winters.

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Internal Heat Element for Condensing Gas Boiler Overflows

·         Simple installation

·         Eliminates the threat of frozen condensate overflows

·         Corrosion resistant self-limiting heat element

·         Available from most reputable plumbers’ merchants



Some say that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Which may be a reasonable in some situations, but not when the problem could result in staggeringly expensive repairs.

The threat of frozen condensate overflow pipes is clearly a serious issue especially if your charge is maintaining social housing. Current workarounds are not only labour-intensive and expensive, they are extremely disruptive to tenants who are saddled with emptying buckets of water until the overflow thaws.


At SHS, we have developed and ingenious, cost-effective solution to completely eliminate the recurring problem of frozen pipes. In contrast to tearing up the house to put the overflow into a stack, digging a soakaway or running an external heating device on the overflow, our solution places an acidic proof heating element inside the condensate pipe.

The kit comes complete with the heater element. Terminated flex and T piece with the compression gland for quick and easy instillation and can be by either the boiler or direct from the electrical mains. Once in place and energised, the heating element will sense the external ambient temperature and adjust its thermal out-put accordingly thereby preventing any chance of the water channels from freezing within.

 The kits are available in the following lengths:

1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, & 7m – greater lengths available on request.

If you would like to avoid budgeting for potential calamities year on year and would like to avoid further information on our solution, please contact us today and take the proactive approach.

Internal Heat Element Specially Designed For Condensing Gas Boiler Overflows 

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