Gutter / Driveway & Paving Heating

Surface Heating Systems Ltd has witnessed a steady rise in the demand for gutter & driveway trace heating. A simple low cost heating system can negate the need for insurance claims following unnecessary damage to structures through floods from melt water and or injury to persons brought about by falling or slipping due to ground based ice & snow.
The risk of debilitating injury alone makes the introduction of trace heating to strategic public areas a very worthwhile consideration / investment.


Power consumption for either of the systems is negligible, the systems are only ever energised when ambient temperatures and moisture is detected. The general assumption that these systems run all winter and are expensive is quite simply not the case.

The lack of constant effort to clear driveways and paving throughout the worst of the winter months, especially in the commercial sector, provides considerable cost savings through reduced manpower activity alone with the added benefits and costs savings when you consider the reduced volumes of salt / grit required and the limited amount of surface grime left after a thaw.

Surface Heating Systems Ltd have successfully designed and installed numerous gutter, access ramp, drive way & paving heating systems to suit many varied commercial and domestic properties. They require little or no maintenance and are operated by a fully automatic control system.

Benefits of Gutter / Access Ramp / Driveway / Paving Heating:

  • Clear access in all weathers
  • Eliminated costly snow clearing man hours
  • Reduced dirt/debris in entrance / foyers
  • Reduction in damages and insurance claims due to slips and falls
  • Low running costs
  • Negligible maintenance costs

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