Industrial Applications

Heating solutions to suit your Processing Needs

The Petrochemical, Oil & Gas sectors rely on numerous electric trace heating & insulation designs for applications within their varied fields to perform vital operational functions. The design parameters typically range, but are not limited to ‘Frost Protection’ / ‘Processing’ functions.

Trace heating cable can be easily adapted to suit complex pipework and or vessel component arrangements . Insulated jackets can be designed to incorporate trace heating cable, allowing the jackets to be easily removed and replaced for access purposes.

Insulation also performs a key role within the industry for use as ‘Personal Protection’ for environments which operate under excessively high temperatures and or steam, whether they be steel cladding or insulated jacket specific. Insulation and jackets can be developed to handle temperatures in excess of +900 degrees C.

Designs require to be process sensitive whereby the identificaton of the correct trace heating system and controlling / monitoring equipment is critical. Our ‘In-House’ design team have the experience and expertise to develop  efficient systems to suit your processing needs.

Hazardous zones in particular require specific Ex rated designs and components to comply with required regulatory standards. Our Ex systems are designed and installed by personnel who are Compex trained for this purpose.

Over the years Surface Heating Systems Ltd have accrued extensive knowledge of related field applictions within these sectors, with a successful track record of completed projects on budget and on time.