Heated Clothing

Surface Heating Systems Ltd have recently teamed up with Venture–Heat ® , the worlds’ largest supplier of electric heated clothing and accessories, to promote their products in the UK and across Europe.

Manufactured with quality materials, the clothing comprises of either a fleece or water resistant outer layer, thermal insulation, electric heater elements and inner liner.

Our heated clothing is powered by a low voltage lithium-Ion battery or USB power bank, the electric heating system can be controlled in either “ON” – High, Medium or low settings and “Off” by simply pressing a button and can power the heating for several hours.

The clothing is directed towards (but not limited to) winter activities where additional heating is required and gives the wearer the freedom to engage in some of the following activities:

Spectator Sports (Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Motor Sports, etc).
Open Air Concerts/events.
Horse Riding.
Motor Cycling.

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