Venture Heat ® Men’s Escape Heated Jacket – BH1590


The stylish 5V USB Power Bank heated jacket is designed for everyday use and built to withstand the most extreme conditions.   The cinch cords on the waist traps the heat around the core.  All of this will keep you warm but when that’s not enough, simply turn on the heating panels and adjust the heat to your own comfort.



Venture Heat ® Men’s Escape Heated Jacket

Outer Shell: 94% Polyester and 6% Spandex

Inner Shell:  100% Polyester

Weather Proof: To use in Rain or Snow

3 Temperature Settings:

Low – 10 Hours (10,400 mAh)

Medium – 6 Hours (10,400 mAh)

High – 4 Hours (10,400 mAh)

USB Power Bank: Not Supplied. Requires USB Power Bank 2.1 Amp, 5Volt

Additional information

Washing Instructions

Remove battery before washing.
Wash in Cold Water.