Satellite Dish Covers have arrived!

At present we offer the following designs for your Satellite Dish Cover:

National Satellite Dish Covers: UK, England, Scotland, Wales, N Ireland & Eire.

Cover selection:

Sky dishes come in a range of different shapes and sizes so all you need to do is simply choose the antenna style that you have already have installed on your home and select the cover you require.

At present, SKY dishes are predominantly located due to longditude, so the further north you are the bigger the antenna you will require.

Towards the south of England, Wales and Eire you will probably require a Zone 1 antenna (Z1) whereas to the north of England,

N Ireland and Scotland, you may require a Zone 2 antenna (Z2).

Sky Zone 1 A (21” x 15.5”)

Sky Zone 1 B (23” x 17”)

Sky Zone 2 A (28” x 23”)

Sky Zone 2 B (30” x 22”)

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Available soon:
Hanging basket/floral design, Football teams, Flag/Town Combos and Christmas (Illuminated).

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