Surface Heating Systems Heated Clothing Range

Surface Heating Systems Heated Clothing Range has been tested in the coldest of climates. Our heated clothing is manufactured to the highest quality with wind/water resistant materials, which can be embroidered with any logo of your choice.

With three temperature settings (High, Medium & Low) SHS Heated Clothing will give you the freedom to work, rest or play, while keeping your core temperature warm.

SHS Heating Clothing Uses:

Work: Market Stalls, Fish Markets, Construction Workers, Ship Building, Event Security, Florists, School Supervision, Refrigeration and Cold Stores, Warehouse Operatives, Garages etc.

Rest: Walking, Gardening, Evening Out, Spectator Sport; Football, Rugby, Ice hockey, Golf etc.

Play: Golf, Cycling, Motor Cycling, Bowls, Horse Riding, Hiking, Fishing etc.

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