Satellite Dish Covers

Satellite Dish Covers:

Help protect your satellite dish and TV service from the effects of rain, sleet, hail and snow by installing a dish cover from SHS.

The covers are manufactured from a special plastic/ink compound, which is UV stable and transparent to RF signals. They are available in a range of different designs and take just a minute to install.
The covers can also be supplied (at order) with electric heating or illumination.

Cover selection:

Sky dishes come in a range of different shapes and sizes so all you need to do is simply choose the antenna style that you have already have installed on your home and select the cover you require.

At present, SKY dishes are predominantly located due to longditude, so the further north you are the bigger the antenna you will require.
Towards the south of England, Wales and Eire you will probably require a Zone 1 antenna (Z1) whereas to the north of England,
N Ireland and Scotland, you may require a Zone 2 antenna (Z2).

At present we offer the following designs:

National Flags: UK, England, Scotland, Wales, N Ireland & Eire.

Don’t see your flag? Call 01592 770003 or email


Available soon:

Hanging basket design

Halloween (Illuminated option)

Christmas (Illuminated option)

Football/sports teams (Subject to licence).


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